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Brandon Kier

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Brandon Kier was founded in Annum 1982 by a union of the Kier and Goertzen tribes. The region was further colonized by the Winckler people of Minnesota in Annum 2005. It has since developed into an industrious and modern region, though the local culture is strange, and the economy is currently poor. Scientific achievement should provide the impetus for future economic development in the region. Agricultural output is mostly limited to cookies and various vodka infusions, though this sector will likely see diversification in the future.


The region's semi-autonomous government is efficient, though easily distracted. It is allied with the nearby Winckler nation, and other more distant regions, including Anjeland, Gregsburg, the Labland Alliance, Aaronius, Parenstan, the iNeatopia Federation, etc. The region maintains peaceful relations with neighboring regions, and has not seen war since early in Annum 2005, when it was attacked by Katieburg in an unsuccessful bid to cause massive deforestation across the entire region.

Climate and Terrain

The region's climate is typically sunny, with occasional stormy periods near deadlines. The terrain is jagged but manageable. The forests at the north end of the region have regrown, after being harvested for donation several years ago. The region is not suffering from any known plague or malady, with the exception of the chronic myopia that afflicts the denizens of the Opticon Lakes. Sightings of vicious black cats and brightly colored fish are common in the areas around the region.

Recent Development

Scientific achievement in the region has increased by a significant degree (a PhD). After an orbital laser struck the Opticon Lakes, the locals were no longer burdened with myopia. The alliance between the Winckler and Kier peoples was recently made formal, and celebrated with an official ceremony of union. Low forests have grown throughout much of the region directly south of the Opticon Lakes, though these are scheduled for harvest.

This region can be reached by airship, train, or e-mail. (gyzmo at hotmail dot com)