Bron is the name of the supercontinent that dominates the planet's Eastern (Sundark) Hemisphere. It's no coincidence that it vaguely resembles Eurasiafricaustralia, as this planet (Skelter) was created as a result of a malfunction in an Earth replicator program. (See Origins)

Since the lands of the Western (Moondark) Hemisphere are mostly devoid of civilization, Bron includes the so-called "civilized world" almost in its entirety - along with a lot of wild or empty regions. The more advanced regions of this supercontinent (most notably Erna) are lands of magic fantasy... with the "fantasy" long since replaced by suburbs, tourists, democracy, corporate scheming, complacent agnosticism and fast-food - and the magic become magepunk.


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Relative Development

This map is a rough guide to the supercontinent's relative development; essentially which areas are more or less "civilized" and/or populated. Cyan represents the most developed and modernized regions; these lands have high-quality infrastructure, important cultural and financial institutions, all the modern amenities, and an orderly society. On the other end of the scale, pink-red represents land that has human inhabitants but little in the way of "civilization", per se - and orange regions are mostly uninhabited. Intermediate are lands marked by deep blue and purple; the former are reasonably civilized, with obvious development; the latter denotes simple civilization and/or minimal development. This map is not absolute or definitive, and is meant only as a guide.

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