February 26.8, 2012

Gasp! An update? Yes! Specifically, a history of the Hewem people, a description of Ash Basin, and various small miscellaneous things I've fixed over the past month. (I am still alive.)

May 12.0, 2011

Filling in the World, bit by bit; today we have a handful of new entries for the Xavien Empire (including Urgurid, Kaionabad, and Neath) and, finally, a brief description of the Faunalith Plateau.

May 9.1, 2011

The Jung Basin.

Birthday, 2011

I've been playing around with Javascript (and some of the free code provided at Uncle Jim's Web Designs), and put together some optional expand-collapse functionality for most of the text-dominated pages. (Basically everything in the far-right column on the Boring List page. Which, incidentally, should be made less boring. I'll tackle that shortly.) I've also turned the timelines on the History and Iltmin History pages into image maps.

Also: lots of minor content revisions and updates to the text pages, which I reviewed as I added the expand/collapse. The only sizable change was a significant expansion of the Sacred Groves page.

April 18.2, 2011

The site is almost completely .gif'd! The embarrassingly long load times on pages with dozens of nearly-redundant .jpg images are now a thing of the mostly-sort-of past! (I replaced most of the semi-redundant nav .jpgs with a single background image and .gif overlays for the red area highlighting. Still a bit more maintenance to do here, but load-times are now a LOT happier.)

In terms of actual new content, the Green Roads have made an appearance.

April 11.2, 2011

A number of racial distribution maps have been updated, as well as a map of the original progenitor locations and spread. Also completed: lots of edits for consistency.

April 7.1, 2011

The lands of Hevein, Pindras, and Maulatan are now described. They'll probably have their own pages at some point, but for now, keeping them trapped as sub-entries in the Xavien Empire's page seems fitting.

April 3.0, 2011

Skelter now has a second hemisphere. It's mostly unexplored, and thus not well mapped.

March 27.1, 2011

Everything is now .php! A website for the new millennium! Only ten years late! Doing good! More extraneous exclamation marks! Yes!

Essentially, this update makes the site more modular (easier maintenance; can make quick global changes to the .php include files) and uses a nifty javascript mapper utility for dynamic highlighting of mouseover areas on the navigation maps. As my image map regions are now visible on rollover, I improved some of the cruder image maps.

October 13.5, 2010

There is now a rough/coarse map of relative development levels on the Supercontinent, on the second-front-most page.

October 12.1, 2010

An Update!?! Who Dares?!?

A Pictorial History of the Xavien People (lots of maps) is two-thirds complete, and some other miscellaneous fixes have happened over the course of teh longtime. I will be getting laser eyes, and married, shortly.

November 8.6, 2009

The Economic Development Index is now available.

October 26.1, 2009

Lots of little fixes and additions, like the Eye of Swainrath, Flamebane Wards, Fire Power, and the creation of the Guardians.

Also, I am now officially a doctor, employed, engaged, and planning on doing Nanowrimo.

American Fireworks Day, 2009

A new solar system now greets incoming travelers.

June 24.1, 2009

Behold: the ADVENTURE CAPITALISTS who have formed corpornations in the Flametide Islands.

The Ides of June, 2009

The Amberlands underwent a significant addition & overhaul, in anticipation of an upcoming story. (Considering how often I update, "upcoming" probably means next year sometime.)

Febtober 6.6, 2009

The Magic entry was (and still is) HUGE, so I made a quick & simple version. Also, Early Human History.

Sundown on the Winter Solstice, 2008

Large formatting overhaul, major changes and additions to the Iltmin page, as well as a thorough pictoral history. Numerous smaller edits, especially to the Firethorn Mountains.

Sept 19.2, 2008

Check out the Storm Wars map.

Sept 14.8, 2008

Finished the Storm Lord business, and some of Nan's history.

Aug 4.7, 2008

Started descriptions of the Current Storm Lords and their Islands. (I'll be picking at this for the next week or so.)

June 29.5, 2008

Behold: Voleg and Rockivak. They're cold.

Also, I added a long section to the end of the Water Guardians page that describes some of the (pseudo)science behind their formation, and the guardian spirits of other liquids.

June 25.2, 2008

Added a Lost Arts section to the Magic page; plus some misc stuff (Knights of Erna's Great Lakes Region, etc.)

June 9.1, 2008

Cities. Lots of cities.

May 25.3, 2008

Added two large entries: Food and "Tech" Levels; the latter describes exactly what becomes easier or harder in a (mostly) magepunk world.

May 13.2, 2008

Added a description of the Economy and its history, and a related entry on the Money Belt.

Non-political or cross-political geographical regions now included at the bottom of the Erna page.

May 7.9, 2008

Added convenient content lists to 3 of my long, sprawling pages: magic, races, and transportation. Also updated these entries some (eg: added Outsorcerer and Mysterosi entries to the magic page, and Flying Carpets to transportation.)

Added two minor regional entries: Vilgelt and the historical Bretlaw.

Continued in my never-ending quest to hyperlink everything. (The last boss was tough; took me three continues to beat it.)

May 5.5, 2008

Started an Updates Page! (Yay for this page!)

Added Way of Light entry (describes Erna's old Faith and what became of it.)

Added Values entry (describes certain cultural values and ideals of prominence in Erna; incomplete.)

Included a brief description of the Hydrosi Sellsails.

Made an empty black & white map of the Supercontinent, and made a few more race distribution maps.